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Esports fanatics, extraordinary developers, and unrestrained creativity.

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Jon David


Former PopCap exec, where he was the overseer of brain-eating zombies and exploding jewels. Loves the entire venn diagram of sports and video games. Not the worst artist at Taunt, but close.

Kevin Deng

Senior Game UX Designer

An obsessive competitive gamer that followed his passions. Started by joining the games industry to build games, now working on developing brand new experiences in esports.

Josh Harrison

Product Marketing Manager

Self-proclaimed waffle iron expert who has loved marketing video games since 2012. Often mistaken for the Pittsburgh Pirates player by name only. Co-host of Instead Of, a very dumb podcast about hypothetical questions.

CJ Chaney

Director of Product

30+ years Jack of all Tech Trades in games, social, and mobile. 4th degree black belt in Japanese sword fencing, too!

John Crenshaw

Principal Software Developer

The legendary Crenshaw: serial entrepreneur, gamer, developer extraordinaire, and thought by some to be a myth. His native habitat is a recent startup near a keyboard with adequate food and a high speed internet connection.

Steven Myers

Senior Software Developer

Dog trainer by day, Teemo player by night. Better at his day job.

Lance Harper

Principal Software Developer

Verbosity is my passion. Also, pugs.

Francisco Gomez

Senior Software Developer

Born and raised in sunny Seville. Francisco (Paco) "The Spaniard" loves video games, retro stuff, sword duels, code golfing, and massive merges without conflicts. He has stated several times that his only goal in life is to beat Abhishek at FIFA.

Abhishek Varma

Data Scientist

Hails from Austin, Singapore and India. Loves talking about video games, poker, and stock market memes. Is constantly amused by Francisco's futile attempts to one day beat him at FIFA.

Bekah Wong

Community Manager

Trapped in a constantly fluctuating state of drowsiness and hunger. Likes food. And sleep. And Pikachu.

Eric Zhang

UX Research Intern

Living at the intersection of people and technology. User advocate. Extreme extrovert. Passionate gamer. Thinks he's the strongest office poker player.

Michael Ji

UX Design Intern

A designer with an engineer's heart. Loves focusing on the deep desires and enthusiasm of people. Adores cars and romantic scenes. Desperately wants to own a 993 GT2 and a 288GTO.


Office Dog

Likes: People, food, other dogs, esports, squirrels, grass, parks, Seinfeld, fetch, Picasso’s cubism period, chasing his own tail, Cardi B, and much more. Dislikes: None.

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