Thank you from Taunt! - Worlds 2018

November 9, 2018

Worlds 2018 has wound to a close in the grandest of fashions, and as the hype dies down and we anticipate All-Stars, we at Taunt wanted to say something. Whether you rooted for Fnatic or supported IG, whether you were elated with the LPL’s victory or in shambles at Europe’s loss, whether you joined us from a watch party or from the comfort of your own home - thank you! This past weekend was incredible, and we appreciate every one of you that took the time to open the app and take a shot at flaunting your prediction skills to the world.

That being said, we’re nowhere near close to being finished. We’re continuing to work on the app in ways to make your experience as good as it can possibly be. We’ve gathered a lot of feedback from you all over the course of the last couple months, but if there’s something you’d like us to know, feel free to fill out our general feedback survey: We’d love to know how you think we can make Taunt even better!

So what’s next? With the lull between Worlds and the regular season for pro play, there’s not a whole lot of structured, tournament League to watch. No worries, though - Taunt won’t be gone for as long as you might think. While we can’t go into any specifics, we’re excited for what’s to come and anticipate that you’ll all love it too. Stay tuned for more on that!

That being said, we will be covering All-Stars this year, which will be December 6-8, and we hope to see you all there!

Again, thank you guys for a great season and a better Worlds. See you in December!

Bekah Wong

Community Manager

Trapped in a constantly fluctuating state of drowsiness and hunger. Likes food. And sleep. And Pikachu.