Taunt Stats: Worlds Finals

November 16, 2018

Worlds Finals this year was amazing, and we had more users playing concurrently than ever! As some time has gone by and new users have flooded into the app, we've seen a few new shifts in the Taunt meta and overall trends. With this momentary gap between Worlds and All-Stars, it's the perfect chance to brush up on some of the strategies players have been using in Taunt and evaluating whether or not they could be valuable for your next attempts in topping the Taunt leaderboards. How do your strats compare to the rest of the world's? Check out the Taunt stats from Worlds Finals!

FNC was picked more than IG during Finals
Players earned 2,300 total points from IG over the course of all 3 games. Players earned 605 total points from FNC over the course of all 3 games
Rookie was the most-slotted player, followed by Caps and TheShy. JackeyLove was one of the least-slotted at 7th
Excluding starter cards, Extra Player was the most-slotted card over Finals. Baron Killers was the least-slotted card
Vampire was the most-used Taunt, while Dumpstered was the least-used
Players answered 82% of all challenges
On average, Android users scored higher than iPhone users. Of the three most represented regions in Taunt, on average, Illinois users had the highest scores, followed by British Columbia and California
YOLOSTEVE had the single highest score at 3577 pts, followed by Requests with 2969 pts. IWDominate scored higher than Tarzaned with 2200 pts vs Tarzaned's 2069 pts - how did you stack up against them?

Thanks again for an awesome Worlds experience! Make sure to tune in for All-Stars so that your Taunt strats are represented.

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