Taunt Stats: Playoffs and Regionals

September 22, 2018

The best part of Taunt is playing with others! After checking out some of the numbers from all the games of Taunt played during the NA LCS Playoffs and Regionals, there were certain common trends and strategies we noticed in the meta game... Do you utilize Dragon Killers as much as the others? Are you an Android user who scores big every game? Is Bjergsen your go-to player? Check out the Taunt stats from the past month!

C9 was the most selected team, with TSM as a close second
Bjergsen was the most slotted player, followed by Doublelift, Sneaky, and Zven
Dragon Killers was the most slotted card over playoffs and regionals. Change Player was the least slotted card
Easley Dumpstered the most players over playoffs and regionals, with pointlessbox and Stormblessed trailing closely behind in numbers
On average, Android users scored higher than iPhone users. Of the three most represented regions in Taunt, on average, California users had the highest scores, followed by Washington and British Columbia
More challenges were lost than won overall
Xefillion had the single highest score at 3633 pts, followed by Stormblessed with 3485 pts. Tarzaned's highest score was 2405 - how did you stack up against him?

Be sure to join us during World's to make sure your Taunt strategies are represented!

Bekah Wong

Community Manager

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