WHAT IS taunt?

Some might call Taunt a "state of mind" more than a game, but for the rest of you, here's the skinny on what we're all about.

Play alongside live League of Legends games

Taunt is played in real-time during NA LCS matches. Everything happening in the League games is reflected in Taunt as you play, with gameplay curated by a mix of League-loving Game Masters and our special AI sauce.

Rally behind your favorite players

Pick your favorite team and players and score points whenever they get kills, demolish towers, slay dragons, and take home wins. Choose wisely, as your victory in Taunt is tied to their performance in the match!

Predict the outcome of the game

Answer challenges correctly to score points and Power-Ups. These ain't your grandma's boring ol' challenges, they're asked based on what's happening in the game, so you show your friends you can call the match better than they can.

Compete with your friends

What good is scoring points if you're playing by yourself? Play against friends and other esports fans by using Power-Ups and Taunts at your virtual table to play off of each other. Score big and you'll play with other high rollers. Miss too many points and you'll be at the scrub table.

Play your cards right

Power-Ups are another way to increase your score by making predictions, and Taunts let you mess with your friends and other people at the table. Maybe you can lead your table into a score bonanza with a Fiesta that boosts everyone's points, or maybe your opponent will suck your points away by playing Vampire.

Rise to the top

Anyone who's watched Highlander knows the saying, "There can only be one!" The same is true in Taunt. There'll be some hefty competition, but with some spot-on picks and slick skills, you can claim the Taunt crown at the end of a game.

Play on the big screen

If you really want to get into Taunt, watch the games on our Jumbotron! We pull in Riot's stream from Twitch and put our leaderboard and event feed alongside it so you can see how you're doing in Taunt without taking your eyes off the action.

Check it out at playtaunt.com/watch during live games!


The Team